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Drs Rochon and Racicot are proud to be among the first Canadian dentists to offer this state-of-the-art treatment. With Six Month Smiles, they have added yet another breakthrough technology to fulfill the needs of their patients. This is the ability to dramatically improve the alignment of the teeth of their smile without destroying healthy tooth structure and in a short amount of time. They found this technology to be white nickel titanium wires and clear braces. Drs Rochon and Racicot were always faced with an ethical dilemma when a patient pleaded with them to give them an "Extreme Smile Makeover", especially when the patient in question had perfectly good teeth that were perfect or had only small fillings on them, but the teeth were simply in bad positions. They were crooked or they had gaps. These patients simply had snaggletooth smiles but did not want to spend three years with metal braces on their teeth. They felt they were too old for this. They felt they had missed the boat because they should have been treated when they were kids but they hadn't, and they thought it was too late.

These patients thought extreme smile makeovers were their only solutions after having seen these on TV. But for one reason or another, either they didn't have the courage to go through this invasive procedure, or they didn't have the money; they just couldn't bring themselves to do it.

Now, the position of poorly aligned teeth can be corrected in about 6 months! Teeth that are crowded together, overlapped, have spaces between them, can be corrected.

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Client Testimonials

My whole life I was self-conscious about my teeth. It was always in the back of my mind every time I talked, laughed, or smiled. No matter what I did or where I went I was constantly trying to hide my teeth. This all changed after meeting Dr. Rochon. Thanks to Dr. Rochon's professionalism and friendly staff my smile is transformed and my confidence is better than ever. The best part of my experience with High Speed Braces® was seeing a dramatic change in such little time, it also helped that they were transparent so no one could tell they were there unless I pointed them out.

Erin N.

About 6 months ago Dr Joanne Rochon proposed that I consider a treatment called High Speed Braces®. As the name suggests, its braces to straighten teeth but instead of it taking years, can be done in 5 to 6 months. I decided to go forward with that treatment and am extremely pleased with the results and more than satisfied with the treatments themselves. Besides a very small amount of discomfort at first and minor adjustments to my teeth cleaning and eating routines I can really say that it was relatively painless. I had to make people notice that I had braces as they were practically invisible. Dr. Rochon and all of her staff were always professional and friendly. As a matter of fact I found myself falling asleep during one of the adjustments. Now that the braces are off I can’t believe how my smile has improved. It really has made quite the difference. There really is no reason not to consider this treatment and I highly recommend it.

Maurice C.

Amazing! My dental work was fast and easy... it took only six months. I am very happy and satisfied with the dental work; looks great! Dr. Jo-Anne Rochon is very good at what she does; she wants you to have a nice smile.

I've always been embarrassed with my smile... Having High Speed Braces when I was a teenager, would have given me more confidence... never too late to start! It's a dream come true! Flossing will be a breeze now!

I was treated with professionalism; staff members are very nice and encouraging. After the dentist put the braces on your teeth the staff takes the time to explain to you all the procedure you have to follow during the treatment like a TO DO list to take care of your braces. I was also surprised when I saw the estimate for my teeth treatment compared to other orthodontist in the Ottawa/ Gatineau region. The payment for this treatment was very reasonable and worth every penny.

France Lalonde